Hello Sweet Friend, I'm Alisha.

 I was meant for more in this life than just getting by, and I believe you are too. You get to tell your life's story however you choose, and how you tell your story determines who you will become. Are you ready to tell your story in new ways? You've had the power all along, my dear. I'll hold the mirror. 


What I do

I am the creator of Radical Transplant, a movement dedicated to embodiment, self sovereignty and living a radical life after transplant, trauma or illness.


Why I do this work

I didn't set out to do this work. After being diagnosed with a genetic illness shortly after birth and growing up in the medical world, the last thing I wanted to do was be submerged in it. I wanted to overcome my illness and be a shining success story. Unfortunately this plan didn't pan out, and led to extreme mental health issues, more medical complications and an absolute hatred of and separation from my body. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom, with a medically necessary pregnancy termination and an emergency listing for a liver transplant, that I realized I needed to wake up. The separation between my body and my life was slowly killing me. I realized I could kill myself by trying to overcome my disease, or I could embrace it and alchemize it into power. I put in the work, learning how to go into my body and be her friend, to heal my own gaze, and to turn my pain into freedom instead of spiraling into more pain. I got my transplant in 2020 and thought my work was done. I'd done my work, I felt free and empowered and alive. Until I realized that when one is handed a key, her job isn't just to free herself. Her job is to free herself and then free others. From personal experience, a holistic health perspective, a background in yoga and fitness, trauma trained and life coach certified, I'm diving in and helping people like you tap into the pain and embody your truest self to live a life set free.


I believe...

  • Healing, freedom and abundance are for everyone, not just a select few

  • You have the power to write your own story 

  • Grief in the body can only be healed in the body 

  • Your body holds your issues but it also holds your key

  • Your body's stories are not something to be overcome bur something to be reclaimed

  • You are powerful beyond measure, braver than you believe and are able to tap into an embodied sense of safety and freedom. You just need someone to hold up the mirror