Alisha is a chronic illness coach, grief worker, writer, creator and entrepreneur living the beautiful second life after a liver transplant.

Interested in partnering together or having me come speak at your event? Email the team @ emeraldembodiedcoaching@gmail.com

Over the past year I have committed to building a brand focused on helping women live embodied, alchemize their grief stories into power stories and through the sharing of my own story encouraged others to live their best lives now. I have previously partnered with organizations such as google health, lyfebulb, the melodic caring project, starlight children's foundation, the infant and pregnancy loss centre in Alberta, the Hyperemesis Gravidarium Loss peer support group and the transplant association of Canada. With a focus on holistic wellness, chronic illnesses, female empowerment, advocacy and creating your best life now, I'm a fiery red head with a lot of passion and life to bring to the table.