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5 Oils for Chronic Illness

In honor of Young Living's Spring Launch happening here in Canada, I decided to dig deep into my toolbox of magic tricks and share with you some of my favourite oils for getting through tough times with chronic illness.

A little back story - I've been using oils since I got married nearly 5 years ago. I started out using them for the smell (and because it seemed like everyone I idolized was using them) and then discovered all the secret benefits. Better sleep, the ability to switch out some of my drug store products, free product, honey say less. When I was in the hospital for my transplant, I brought with me a bag of oils I felt I needed for recovery. And I realized as I learned more about the liver and it's awesome ability to filter out toxins, and as I was acutely aware of the tender little liver working so hard inside my body, that I wanted to give my liver the best shot possible. That meant avoiding toxins wherever possible. Young Living, the brand I'd always used for essential oils, quickly became my go to for skincare, toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap, dish soap. And oils became a vital part of my recovery. Even now part of setting up my work day includes turning on my diffuser.

So, flipping back through the pages of my book, let me share my must have oils for chronic illness with you.

  1. Digize. Being diagnosed with gastroparesis (a side effect of my dysautonomia) as well as years of cornstarch doses destroying my gut biome, and learning how to eat again, took a toll on my digestive health. If we're hanging out and you hear a loud noise that sounds like a whale call, never fear. It's just my stomach, loudly making itself known. again. One of the side effects of my drugs is nausea, and every single month like clockwork my body decides it's getting rid of all the undigested food it has been storing one way or another (TMI?) Digize is my best friend for those days when my stomach is cranky. Rolling it on my wrists and under my nose helps keep nausea at bay. I roll it on my stomach for those painful spasms. I've even put a drop under my tongue for fast relief. It's also helpful for eliminating parasites and candida.

  2. Cool Azul muscle rub. Not exactly an oil but add it to the list of things I can't live without. In the hospital when my muscles were extremely sore, I had my mom or husband rub this on me constantly. It's the first thing I grab when I have tight shoulders or a sore neck from looking at a computer screen all day. During my last flare I woke up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain, rubbed this on my aching muscles and was back to sleep within minutes. Praise Jesus for Cool Azul.

  3. The next one is more of an emotional support for chronic illness oil rather than physical but it's Peace and Calming. My favourite anxiety busting, bring me back to the present moment, wear on the inside of my mask during any medical procedure oil. I smell this oil and instantly I'm more at ease. I have one in my purse, my car, beside my bed, by the diffuser. And everyone knows if there's one oil I bring while traveling it's this one.

  4. Thieves Cinnamint toothpaste. Anything in the thieves line is amazing, and I don't know about you but I struggle with the taste and texture of a lot of things, one of them being toothpaste. I absolutely hated brushing my teeth until I found this toothpaste. It's minty but not overwhelmingly so, with just the right amount of cinnamon and thieves flavor. It's not gritty like I've found other toothpastes to be, and it's gentle on my gums which has helped immensely in reducing bleeding and mouth sores.

  5. Ningxia red. You didn't think I could write a whole post about my young living toolkit and not mention this gem did you? It's full of antioxidents and unlike other things I've found it doesn't have grapefruit in it (transplant patients everywhere rejoiced). It helps combat my brain fog and gives me that energy boost I need to get me through the day. And since I'm missing cocktails, ningxia mixed with fizzy water is an acceptable substitute.

There are so many other oils and products I could highlight. Lavender epsom salt baths, lemon oil in your water, valor (OMG valor).

What I'm trying to say is life with chronic illness is complex and multidimensional. So why should your treatment and recovery plan only include one thing? Western medicine is great (and has and continues to save my life) but I also heal by using things like oils, breathwork and mantras.

If you're interested in getting your essential oil kit and building your own chronic illness magic box, I'd love to help you. Send me a message, or check out my instagram @alisha.emerald for more information

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