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5 Hacks for a winning day

Let's face it - we've all had those crappy days where it feels like we're dragging our heels and a new obstacle keeps popping up at every corner. There are days when I just want to hit the reset button and crawl back into bed (And sometimes I do. Don't underestimate the power of a good bed day)

BUT if a bed day isn't an option for you today, I've got 5 hacks to reset your brain and get your day back on track. Use 1, use all 5, repeat as necessary.

  1. Give yourself an easy win. I will have days where I go in to my planner and write brush teeth on the list. Then I will check it off. Guess what - it's a win! It's something done I can cross off my list and feel good about. We like to think about wins as these big productive moments, and we forget to celebrate the little wins too. Little wins paves the way for bigger wins. And sometimes you just need to cross something off the list or reward yourself for a task. Make it small, easily accomplished, maybe even something you've already done (like brush your teeth) that you can cross of the list just so you feel more productive and motivated.

  2. Move Yo' Body! Dance it out, shake, whatever way of moving is your favourite, do that! This isn't about exercising or breaking a sweat at the gym (unless that's your thing) this is about moving your body in whatever way feels good. Here's why - because by shifting your body, shaking out stuck energy, giving yourself that endorphin boost, you're changing your mental state. Turn on your favourite song and dance it out - moving your body is a great reset

  3. Breathe! It sounds ridiculous because we're breathing all the time, but how often have you really slowed down and allowed yourself to come back to the present moment? One hand on your heart, one hand on your belly, actually feel your heart beat and the air expanding your belly. Notice the sensations, the temperature of the air. If you need a pattern, try box breathing (in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4) or inhaling for the count of 4, exhaling for the count of 5. Also in the breath hack, I love deepening my breath with essential oils (bonus if you use one with grounding or relaxing properties, like cedarwood or lavender).

  4. Laughter! It really is true when they say laughter is the best medicine. Keep a collection of images, memes or videos that make you laugh and watch them when you need an instant mood boost. Tiktok fails are great for this. Whatever makes you laugh, just go for it. Go all in. A good belly laugh is sure to boost your mood

  5. Declaring what is. This is a hack I learned from one of my coaches. The objective of this hack is to take you out of a victim mindset and put yourself back in the power seat. I love to make it a little game. It goes like this: whatever is happening, state it out loud. Like there's a worldwide pandemic and my husband forgot to take the garbage out this morning and I have a million things I need to get done today and... And then, after you state all the things, simply say "And I allow it." Or if you're feeling especially feisty today, "And I love it!" Own it, babe! You can't change it, why not play with it? If this is something you're allowing instead of something that is happening to you, you begin to engage with it on an entirely different level. This also works great if you're a parent of small humans. ex. my child is absolutely losing his mind today and throwing the biggest tantrum - I'll allow it.

Bonus: I'm throwing in one of my favourite anxiety hacks. I've talked about it before, but this is one of my absolute favourites in moments of panic and acute stress. It's called bi-lateral stimulation. Basically grab an object (Any object) and you're going to pass it from one hand to another in front of your body. Object in left hand, object in right hand, object in left hand... It may sound crazy, but what it's doing is interrupting the anxiety pattern in your brain. Anxiety can only live in one half of the brain. So by using both halves of the brain and crossing midline, we're essentially de-homing anxiety. It can't function. Keep going back and forth as long as you need and watch your body get calmer.

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